45th Bitcoin Milan Meetup with Tone Vays

We are excited to host Tone Vays at the 45th Bitcoin Milan Meetup on Thursday Sept. 28th, h. 7 pm at Copernico Center (via Copernico 38, Milano). Save the date and see you there! For more details, go here, on our meetup website.

BHB Official Statement on Chiasso’s Bitcoin adoption

The city of Chiasso (Switzerland) realised the importance of investing and being pioneers in this revolutionary technology, paving its road to become a de-facto international excellence centre in this field: all of this would not have been possible without the work of BHB Network, a research and development reality active in Switzerland as well as in Italy, South Africa and …

Breaking Bitcoin Conference in Paris

We are honored to have been among the sponsors of the Breaking Bitcoin conference in Paris You can take a look on the websitehere. We’ve met bitcoiners coming from all over the globe, we’ve learnt a lot thanks to the high tech quality of the talks. Kudos to everyone! We look forward to more events like this. Our CEO Giacomo …

Zurich, Munich and Los Angeles Meetups

Giacomo Zucco and Mir Liponi have been invited to three important meetups this summer, hosted respectively in Zurich, Munich and Los Angeles presenting BHB Network works and projects and spreading the word about bitcoin and blockchain technology. You can find their talks in Zurich here and here.

July Bitcoin Milan meetup

We are less than some days away from the 1st of August: let’s discuss it with Giacomo Zucco, Peter Todd, Zach Harvey (CEO & COFOUNDER AT LAMASSU) & Olavi Lilja (CEO AT LAMIUM OY) during the 44th Bitcoin Milan Meetup, along with their outstanding presentations: Wednesday, July 19th, h. 7 p.m. at Copernico (via Copernico 38, Milano) For more details, …

Article of our CEO Giacomo Zucco on UASF

The article wrote by our CEO Giacomo Zucco is a must read if you want to be updated about the UASF, the BIP 148 and what is going on in the bitcoin world now. Be sure to read it in english here or in italian here

June Bitcoin Milan meetup

If you have missed Roasbeef, Bitcoin Engineer and Cofounder of Lightning Labs, yesterday at the 43th Bitcoin Milan Meetup, you can find the full video here

Blockchain Roma Meetup + Lis17

Our Chief Expert Officer, Mir Liponi, gave an overarching presentation about BHBnetwork, the blockchain technology and the best use cases during the first blockchain roma meetup. If you want to see the full video, go here. She also spoke during the Lisbon Investment 2017 at the panel “Building successful businesses on blockchain technology” moderated by Kevin Loaec of Chainsmiths, along …

June Bitcoin Milan meetup

SAVE THE DATE! 43th Bitcoin Milan Meetup will be on Wednesday, June 14th, h. 7 p.m. at Copernico Center (via Copernico 38, Milano). Special guest will be Roasbeef, Bitcoin Engineer and Cofounder of Lightning Labs. Don’t miss out! RSVP here