Our involvment in Ledger investment round

We are proud to be the Investment Advisor for GDTRE and Club Italia Investimenti 2 in the recent $7M round for Ledger. Gabriele Domenichini, CVO of BHB Network says: “In a world that desperately need data protection, Ledger has been the first to use secure chip technology to protect data and application in a way the user can adopt” For …

Gabriele Domenichini at FED conference

We are proud of our CVO, Gabriele Domenichini, who talked yesterday at the FED conference about cyber security and blockchain at FED in Milan, for details, go here

March Bitcoin Milan Meetup

40th Milan Bitcoin Meetup: we shared contents, ideas, great projects. We’re growing everytime, thanks to everyone who decided to participate, thanks to our amazing international guests: Paul Stzorc, Peter Todd, Riccardo Spagni and David Vorick. If you have missed it, the full video is here

February Bitcoin Milan meetup

The 39th bitcoin Milan meetup, took place on February 22nd with Christian Decker, Ph. D, infrastructure Tech Engineer at Blockstream, as our guest. It lasted for around 2 hours (presentation + q&a) and was, perhaps, one of the longest meetup we had: Christian was able to explain us how the Lightning Network works in a generous, clear and deep way. …

January Bitcoin Milan meetup

January Bitcoin Milan Meetup was a night rich of knowledge, insights, developments… and of course, spritz! Our special guests were: Thomas Bertani (CEO Oraclize), Jack Grigg (Zcash Developer) and Mark Erhardt (Coinselection Developer) If you could not be able to attend our meetup, here you can find the video.

BIP001 conference

During the BIP001 conference, held in Kiev, our Ceo Giacomo Zucco gave a speech about the top use cases for using blockchain. For more details and to watch the presentation take a look: here

Christmas Meetup

Don’t miss our next Milan meetup on 21st Dec at Copernico: we talked about bitcoin future projects and we celebrated Christmas together! The full video is here

Meetup with Nicolas Bacca

The CTO of Ledger, Nicolas Bacca gave us an energetic and insightful presentation during our monthly meetup about how the hardware wallets operate and showed us the road map of the next steps, improvements, updates and new products. The full video is here