Christmas Meetup

Don’t miss our next Milan meetup on 21st Dec at Copernico: we talked about bitcoin future projects and we celebrated Christmas together! The full video is here

Meetup with Nicolas Bacca

The CTO of Ledger, Nicolas Bacca gave us an energetic and insightful presentation during our monthly meetup about how the hardware wallets operate and showed us the road map of the next steps, improvements, updates and new products. The full video is here

Salone dei pagamenti

Our CEO Giacomo Zucco spoke, in a panel with the most important Italian blockchain experts, during the conference “salone dei pagamenti: payvolution”. Here’s a brief quote of his speech: “Bitcoin is not a technology innovation and is not an answer to technological limitations. Bitcoin is, indeed, a mix of preexistent technologies that has created a whole new system of economical …

Chainhack – Hackathon days in Dublin

Giacomo Zucco, our CEO, plus Thomas Bertani and Marco Giglio of Oraclize, were among the mentors of the Chainhack weekend in Dublin organized by Chainsmith. A lot of projects and ideas had circulated, a lot of advises and technical details were given. For more details here

Hack Days at Blockchainlab and Milan Protocol

Scaling Bitcoin is over. Don’t miss out the chance to watch (and re-watch again) the presenters’ speeches on: here Also, we had the honor to host the core and lightning hack days in our office: having the best Bitcoin devs from all over the world sharing their knowledge (as well as pizzas) has been a unique and exciting and unique …

Blockstack Meetup

The founder of Blockstack, Ryan Shea, has given an impressive presentation during our monthly meetup that has stimulated many questions. If you missed the opportunity to be among us, you can watch everything here

Scaling Bitcoin 2016 Retarget

We are very excited, as local supporting organization and sponsor of Scaling Bitcoin 2016, to announce our involvement in the Scaling Bitcoin Week (for more information about Scaling Bitcoin, take a look here). The conference will take place at Politecnico of Milano on 8th and 9th of October. Unfortunately, the event is sold-out, but you will still be able to …

Next Milano Bitcoin Meetup will be on 10th October

Ryan Shea, cofounder of Blockstack, will be our guest in the next meetup. He’ll give a speech on the evening of 10th of October that will be, as always, at Copernico Caffè (Via Copernico 38, Milano). The event schedule is: Intro to Blockstack Lightning talks from projects in the blockchain, bitcoin, and decentralized application space Open discussion Make sure to …

Meetup with Matt Corallo

We had the huge pleasure to have the presence of Matt Corallo, Blockstream cofounder and Core developer, for almost a week at our lab. It has been a very productive and inspiring week. He also gave a public presentation during our monthly meetup about Relay Network and Fiber. You can enjoy the full speech here

Meetup with Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp, Bitgo engineer, joined us at our lab and gave a very stimulating presentation entitled: “Bitgo engineering. Lessons learned”. You can find the full video here A lot of people came (considering it was 16th of August!), and, since Copernico caffé was closed for the holidays, we had to arrange ourselves for an alternative sushi based dinner.