Our solutions are suitable for all kinds of needs and
therefore are geared not only to individuals and small
and medium-sized enterprises but also to large
companies and public administrations.

BEEZ SRL New business initiative to enhance the value of our products.

The start-up

Beez is an innovative startup that develops products and services based on Artificial Intelligence, blockchain systems and Machine Learning. It was born from the joint experience of several professionals and experts in the sector with the right skills in order to realize and exceed our users expectations.

Our aspiration is not to be a simple "software supplier", but a real technological partner for our customers. Aware of the unavoidable process of digital evolution, we create complex systems characterized at the same time by high levels of security and stability, and by a user interface that is simple and intuitive to use.



Our products and services are created through the integration of DLV/Blockchain technologies and Machine Learning/AI technologies. All while guaranteeing “Privacy Preserved” through the implementation of cryptographic algorithms.


Currently, we are working on the creation of a local and distributed document archiving system. It is a secure, intelligent, encrypted and validated solution, based on the integration of DLV/Blockchain technologies and Machine Learning/AI technologies.


Our company deals in development, production and marketing of products and services with high technological value through the research and development of software and hardware based on innovative technologies that are currently revolutionizing every sector.


We are a team of experts who share enthusiasm, professional growth and a passion for innovation thanks to the creativity and deep skills of development tools. On the market, we stand out for our efficiency and competitiveness. Our solutions are suitable for every type of need and for this reason they are oriented not only to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises but also to large companies and public administrations.


NEATBOX: A Different Way Of Cloud Storage.

Neatbox is a cloud storage that relies on a decentralized storage system called Digital Asset Manager with regard to file uploading, and Lisk blockchain technology to ensure ownership rights and immutability of data.

Visita il sito web dedicato a NEATBOX per saperne di più:

Visit the dedicated website of BEEZ SRL:

Project Presentation.

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The best cloud storage solution

It is not just cloud storage, but a marketplace for distributed storage and a fully decentralized environment based on the Lisk blockchain.
It is ready-to-use: our goal is to provide an ecosystem for managing digital assets that is fast, comprehensive, secure and more cost-effective than traditional solutions.
A single solution to control, manage and distribute digital assets with a multiservice approach with the ability to enrich each digital asset with metadata while guaranteeing its quality.



Choose the storage size that best meets your needs and decide to share some of it with the rest of the network.


Trust the security, versatility, scalability and efficiency of our decentralized repository. Our internal solution that replaces IPFS.


Say no to digital disorganization. Say yes to efficiency and simplicity by grouping digital assets and transferring them atomically.


Decide to sell or deliver a digital asset, such as NFTs, or an asset collection to third parties securely and trustfully


The Lisk ecosystem incentivizes users to share their unused storage, which are rewarded with tokens of the same name.


The ownership and copyright of the asset is guaranteed by the blockchain and the information is public: you can see a history of transactions and owners.

Visit the dedicated website of NEATBOX:

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